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This leather-bound, 711-page special edition of The Spirit of the Common Law (1921) by Roscoe Pound, Carter Professor of Jurisprudence in Harvard University, was privately printed for The Legal Classic Library in 1985.  Edges are gilded; spine is stamped in gold.  The condition of the book looks like new. 


The book contains a Foreword by Ernest Martin Hopkins and the contents include:


I. The Feudal Element

II.  Puritanism and the Law

III.  The Courts and the Crown

IV.  The Rights of Englishman and the Rights of Man

V.  The Pioneers and the Law

VI.  The Philosophy of Law in the Nine-teenth Century

VII.  Judicial Empiricism

VIII.  Legal Reason 

The Spirit of the Common Law (1921) by Roscoe Pound

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