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Richard Williamson’s Acid Child: A Book of Meditation, 1970. 


This edition is limited to 265 copies (of which numbers 251-265 are not for sale), published by The Arcadia Press in 1970.  The copy listed here is numbered 33 and signed by the author, Peace Richard.  This little book of meditation is formatted in psychedelic style: with words interlacing with band drawings.  The book cover, with bright psychedelic designs in fluorescent orange, is screen printed on silk. 


A note about the papers: they are Hodgkinson’s mould made papers, which simulate handmade papers.  W.S. Hodgkinson and Co., Ltd, started papermaking in 1610, was one of the earliest papermills in England, and it made many fine papers for drawings, writings, and bank notes.  But the mill shut down in 1972, two years after the printing of Acid Child.  The papers, after nearly half a century, still look like new.


I like the last poem shaping like a mandala and on top of it, the author writes, “Beyond the realms of Nature and of Time”.  It ends with “primeval peace restore / strange / nameless / one within”, winded round with white and black bands.  It is really a book of meditative art, both its contents and its making. 

This 50-page limited edition is in good condition, no foxing nor missing pages. 


Richard Williamson's Acid Child: A Book of Meditation, 1970

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