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On the antiquarian paper trail with book scouts, collectors, and accidental bibliophiles


Few collectors are as passionate about their quarry as collectors of rare books.  Rebecca Rego Barry’s Rare Books Uncovered relates 56 tales from the antiquarian paper trail.  An expert on rare books, Barry recounts stories from a world of remarkable discoveries.  Read about a stash of vintage comic books, worth $3.5 million, long forgotten in a basement closet.  Or, a first edition of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird purchased at a Philadelphia flea market for a few dollars.  Or a stunning eighteen-century French folio stored in a Massachusetts barn.  These stories and others like them will entertain and inspire causal collectors and hardcore bibliomaniacs alike. 


Format Paperback:  280 pages

Publication Date:  26 April 2018

Publisher Voyageur Press

Rare Books Uncovered: True Stories of Fantastic Finds in Unlikely Places

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