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Midnight Stories of the West: Meiji-Japan’s Reimagination of the West


Midnight Stories of the West was published in Tokyo, in the fourth year of the Meiji Period (1871), and it contains a number selected western stories, with three pictures. Among them, the picture of Adam and Eve is of particular interest, especially to academics and missiologists of the Japanized Christianity, for the book was published before the prohibition against Christianity was lifted on 24 February 1873 and in a period when Christianity was merged with elements of Shintoism to make the western religion more acceptable to Japanese.


The Protruded Topographic Design of Two Characters: Tenjin, 天神


A sign of syncretistic Christianity in Japan can be found on the right page. Note the protruded topographical design on top; reading from right to left we find two characters rising atop the page border: the first chara