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Will Bashor's Marie Antoinette's Head:  The Royal Haird Dresser, The Queen, and The Revolution


Marie Antoinette has remained atop the popular cultural landscape for centuries for the daring style and fashion that she brought to eighteenth century France.  For the better part of the queen's reign, one man was entrusted with the sole responsibility of ensuring that her coiffure was at its ostentation best: Leonard Autie.  


During the violence of the French Revolution, Leonard was convicted of treason and executed in Paris in 1793.  However, records also show that Leonard died in Paris in March 1820.  Leonard was known as the magician of Marie Antoinette's court, but how was it possible that he managed to die twice?  


From his humble origins as a country barber to the hairdresser of royalty, Leonard led a life filled with sex, seduction, intrigue, espionage, theft, exile, treason, and possibly execution.  Unearthing a variety of sources from the eighteen and nineteeth centuries, Will Bashor chronicles Leonard's story, the role he played in the life of his most famous client, and the chaotic and history-making world in which he rose to prominence.  

Marie Antoinette's Head: The Royal HairDresser, The Queen, and The Revolution

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