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James L. Meagher's The Seven Gates of Heaven, 1880


The Seven Gates of Heaven: The Teachings, Discipline, Customs and Manners of Dispensing the Sacraments by James L. Meagher (1848-1920) is a rare sacred text, rare in its gilt Baroque book cover design depicting an ornate Gothic cathedral with a faithful congregation gathered outside its doors and in its date, the earliest and the sole edition I have ever found. Other copies, in much lackluster fashion, were printed in 1885. It is a forgotten but important sacred text, comparing the rites of many sects with reference to the administration of the Sacraments, including those non-mainstream sects, such as the Copts, the Maronites, and the Syrians. But the flowering of modern spiritualism, soulful alchemy, and magic (thanks to the popularity of Harry Potter) has created a renewed interest and a more open reception to uncover the esoteric rites dispensed in this sacred text and has led to some modern reprints.


James L. Meagher's The Seven Gates of Heaven, 1880

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